Social media

Social media at UNSW

The Marketing Services team is responsible for the UNSW social media policy, guidelines, strategy and the management of the corporate channels on Facebook, TwitterInstagramLinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+ and Pinterest.

YouTube is managed by UNSWTV.

Want to open a UNSW social media account?

Requests for new UNSW social media channels must be approved by Marketing Services prior to creation. Please contact for further information.

UNSW also has mandatory branding for social media channels. These are accessed via MyUNSW under Services for Staff (follow the yellow branding requirements button).

Please adhere to the UNSW Social Media communication guidelines when engaging in social media on behalf of UNSW. When using social media it is important that employees are clear about who is being represented and take responsibility for ensuring that any references to UNSW are factually correct and accurate, do not breach confidentiality requirements, and that respect is shown for the individuals and communities with which you interact.

Want something posted on the UNSW social media channels?

  • Please click here to complete a request for a social media post.


Digital and social media workshops

Marketing Services provides specialised digital marketing and social media workshops for professional marketing staff in our faculties with duties in this area. We also run digital and social media communications workshops for academic staff.

If you are working in a faculty marketing role at UNSW and are interested in attending these workshops / would like further information, please email